This is the first official post on the Little Family Blog. This whole website started out as a just-for-fun project to see if I could set up a web server at home. I ended up setting up email, SSL, a blog, and a couple other things in addition to just a basic web server.

It will be interesting to see where this project actually ends up. I hope Danie will end up using it to upload videos and pictures related to our family, but she may just stick to facebook. I may end up writing some posts, too. However, some of them may be strictly technical articles or how-to guides rather than family events.

2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Thanks for the link. I may install it if Danie decides to publish anything.

    I set up SFTP instead. I don’t have the computer hooked up to a monitor, keyboard, or mouse. I use it to backup our laptops as well as for file transfers.

    I use thatip.com for dynamic DNS services. It’s the cheapest service that has all the features I want. I have a cron job that updates my IP address every few minutes, although my IP ( at the time of this posting) hasn’t changed since I started the web server over 2 months ago.

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