Fling Solver

I got a little bored this weekend, so I decided to spend an hour or so writing a solver for the new iPhone game Fling. (Okay, you got me. I wasn’t really bored. I just got to a level I couldn’t solve.) After creating a quick command line version of the solver, I decided to be a little more ambitious. I made it my goal to make a JavaScript based solver. Not only did I want to do this so that I would have an online solver, but also so I could learn some new / practice some old JavaScript.

I hadn’t written anything in JavaScript in almost a year, and what I did then was very simple stuff. I wanted a chance to use classes in JavaScript, something I had never done. So, without any more stalling, here is the JavaScript Fling solver.

Please let me know if you encounter any bugs (I didn’t test it very well) or if it doesn’t work in your browser (I only tested in Firefox and Mobile Safari). Also, any suggestions or comments are also welcome.

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